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Member Spot-light

Hendrix is a second grade member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie. He loves pizza, golf, Sonic The Hedgehog, & the color blue! He also loves coming to the club.

“It’s like school but even funner.” He describes the Boys & Girls Clubs.

At the club Hendrix most enjoys the outdoor activities, and spending time with his best friend, Avery.

“He’s my cousin, and I know he’s the best!”

We asked his friend to use three words to describe Hendrix, and he said “Nice, Funny, & Likes Minecraft.”

Hendrix has been named Student of the Week at the Club, and continues to be a role model for other second graders!

Pat Botts Youth of the Year Update

Hello all! My name is Asia Wyatt and I am a freshman at IvyTech! My college experience so far has been a rollercoaster! Not only am I going during a pandemic, but IvyTech is the 2nd college that I have transferred to! With COVID in our midst trying to find a college that not only makes me comfortable academically, but physically and emotionally as well has been hard, but at IvyTech I feel at home! Along with the trials and tribulations of finding the right college for me I also have been having a hard time trying to figure out new ways to interact with my peers while also trying to remember the material given to me over a Zoom or Webex calls, but I know that I will come out on top’ Right now I am going to school to get my BSN, with the hopes of going back to get my MSN at some point in time! On top of that I am also looking to be back in the lab to do some more research sometime next year if COVID has cleared up more! I am also planning to move into an apartment late next year with a friend of mine! Life seems like it’s moving pretty fast and slow at the same time nowadays, but I know that with hardwork and determination I will succeed and achieve all my goals!

Meet the Team

“I work at the Boys & Girls Club because I love kids and I love watching them grow into their full potential”. Brea is currently the High School Program Coordinator, but she also helps out with the elementary club members. She has been with the club since the Summer of 2020.

I enjoy the different types of kids we bring in and being able to work with them.” Brea also mentioned that the variety of relationships she has built among her peers and continues to build, is another aspect of her work at the Boys & Girls Clubs that she enjoys.

Outside of her work here, Brea is a Ball State student, currently majoring in Psychology. A couple of fun facts about her are; she loves the color yellow, listening to and playing music, and talking!

Just Desserts

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Dates to Remember

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