The Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie is open every day after school and all day during the summer to ensure that our youth have a safe, fun, and positive environment to be a part of. By doing this, as well as providing high yield activities, targeted programs, and encouraging regular attendance, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie gives members the tools, guidance, and opportunities to achieve academic success, to be instilled with good character and citizenship, and to maintain healthy lifestyles.


Our Mission:

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential, as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

Our Vision:

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie is a catalyst for civic engagement, and success is within reach of every child, and whole generations of children are inspired.

Our Promise:

To provide a safe environment and have a positive impact on the lives of the youth of Delaware County.


We know our young people cannot reach their full potential until ALL people are equally citizens. As we believe that ALL young people need us, it is our commitment that all levels of our Organization from Board of Directors, to our staff members, to our Club members welcome and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of everyone in our Community.

We start with Diversity. Our adult staff, and volunteers are role models to our members, and having a diverse Board and Staff is the first step in modeling a better world for our kids. It is often said, “we cannot be what we cannot see” so it is vital that those in authority at the Clubs are people from every race, religion, sexual identity, economic background, educational level, and social sphere.

Diversity on it’s own means nothing if respect across all lines of communication within the Clubs. Good ideas can come from anyone, and it is vital that we listen to hear to all ideas, and not to respond. Our Clubs need to embody a world of inclusiveness, and we must advertise in word, deed, and action, every day, that we are a safe place for ALL kids. Just as there can be no economic barrier for a child to be a member, there can be, and will be, no barrier due to race, religion, educational attainment, or gender identity to Club membership.

For our kids to reach their full potential, we cannot only be role modeling Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we must be out helping our community more Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive one. Our kids don’t stop being our kids when they leave our doors, and it is important that they see that we are working to make their world a better place.

It is a truism that none can be free until all can be free. It is true that none can be equal, until all can be equal, and for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie to fulfill our mission, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion must be woven into our daily work.

Our History

Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie has been a cornerstone of the community since opening its doors in 1933. Founded by Branch McClung and a group of sorority women, the first meeting was in a 3rd floor room of the Anthony Building on the corner of Jackson and Walnut. In 1951 the Madison Street location was built and opened under the name of Muncie Boys Club. While girls could attend the Boys Club, the name was officially changed nationally and locally to The Muncie Boys & Girls Club in 1990. In 2018, the Muncie Boys & Girls Club merged with the Roy C. Buley Community Center to strengthen its ability to reach those who need us most thereby becoming the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie.

Serving some 600 youth, Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie provide a safe, structured and positive environment for young people after school, during holidays and summer vacation.