Meet Kevin Holland, a Team Leader for the Youth Leadership Boot Camp.

Team Leaders have the responsibility to guide, support and mentor participants during the week-long leadership camp. Kevin Holland, a Program Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Club of Muncie, served all week as a team leader for the camp. This meant Kevin got very little sleep, was up before campers, went to bed after campers and spent every waking moment helping campers on their journey to becoming better leaders.

While Kevin has experience working with kids, he was very nervous about his task. Like many of the campers he had never been in this sort of leadership role and did not know what to expect.

When day one finally arrived and Kevin watched campers checking in, his heart was nervously pounding in his chest. It wasn’t until the campers introduced themselves to everyone that he realized he would be OK as a team leader.

As each camper introduced themselves in front of the whole group, Kevin understood they would trust and respect him as a true leader. He began to understand why he was selected to be a team leader.

“Throughout the week, I built a strong connection with the campers, especially my group GLSP, and that bond will never go away.” Kevin said. “Every chance I got I told my group, ‘You guys are teaching and leading me just as much as I am you.’”

Kevin’s hard work, dedication and genuine care about the campers assigned to his group makes him a model team leader.

“He has taken each opportunity to connect with students during this camp,” said Emma-Mae, member of Kevin’s group. “When he sees someone disconnected from the group, he tries to include them.”

Kevin, a former Club Kid, who grew up in the Boys & Girls Club has been mentored and recognizes himself as a leader. He also serves in the Indiana National Guard. These combined experiences set Kevin up to have a significant impact as a team leader for the week-long camp.