[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Day two of the Youth Leadership Boot Camp started with much excitement. Campers were awake right at 6:30 read to start their day…well most of them. Some stumbled out of bed and marched off to breakfast. After a quick debrief everyone loaded the vans and headed to Camp Adventure for a day full of leadership and team building initiatives.

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Although rain threatened to ruin the day, campers and leaders were committed to working through each exercise. Campers were challenged to communicate better, listen to instructions, and to be better leaders and followers. Camp Adventure staff facilitated a series of activities that forced participants to step up as leaders and to think hard about how and why they communication. The rain came as the day was wrapping up at Camp Adventure and shortly after the loaded vans made their return to campus.

Campers found a few minutes to change and freshen up before they were right back at it. The Talking Stick activity was a lot more active today as campers readily shared their opinions, offered feedback, and even apologies.

Throughout the day campers were asked what leadership skill they were focusing on and what steps they were taking to improve. They also found themselves learning valuable leadership lessons during “teachable moments” as led by camp staff.

Mr. Tony, Unit Director for the Boys & Girls Club, facilitated a session focused solely on sharing our personal stories with each other. Each round of questions brought more insight and understanding of each other and ourselves. Campers (and staff) were surprised, encouraged and motivated by the power of the individual stories that each camper shared. As they learned about each other, they gained respect for their attitudes and behaviors and are better equipped to lead and follow.

Kids were given personal time to prepare for the next day. Surprisingly a number of campers spent that time writing in their journals, talking to camp staff and sharing with each other.

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