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Member Spotlight

Allie has been a club member since first grade, and this fall he will be going into seventh! He thinks back on his time with the clubs.  “I was Club Kid of the Year, and I got to meet the mayor, twice!”
Allie describes himself as a good kid who likes school and loves sports. He hopes to go to college for business and finance while pursuing a professional basketball career.
He has a strong network of support behind him here at the club. He named Ms. Mattie, Ms. Destinee, Mr. Jiale, Mr. Zay, Mr. Marquis, among others here at the Club who help him to succeed.
Between the support he has from the club and his own drive to succeed, Allie is looking forward to a great future.

Board Member Spotlight – Wayne Johnson

Wayne Johnson is a Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie Board Member, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services at Ivy Tech, and self-proclaimed “basketball junkie, that also enjoys a good book or documentary.”

“It is an honor to be a part of the board, due to the kids we serve. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie stands as a pillar in this community as evidenced by the many success stories that come from the kids we serve.I wanted to be a positive part of the narratives of the kids we serve. Being a part of this board allows me to do so.”

“The club’s mission inspires me, due the positive impact that the mission has on the kids we serve. Meeting one’s full potential is a fundamental part of success and the mission embodies the message that we want every kid to leave with. Being productive, caring and responsible citizen.”

“I was not a club kid due to the structure in Chicago being geared towards “Park Districts” or local community centers. Knowing what I know now about the clubs, it is definitely an opportunity I would have taken advantage of.

Meet the Team – Marquis

“I enjoy making a difference in a child’s life. Knowing my team or I has made a kids day is truly amazing. Kids are the future and it’s our job to make them ready for the world. The club kids are given a chance to be destined for success.” These are the words of Marquis, one of our summer camp counselors.

Marquis is a student at Ball State University where he studies preveterinary medicine and biology. He used to play guitar and now enjoys baseball and occasionally modeling in fashion shows.

He chose to join the Boys & Girls Clubs “because there’s nothing greater than changing a life for the better.” He knows that our kids need role models and he strives to inspire them.

“Every kid needs direction and put on the right path for great success”.

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