Our primary goal at the Clubs is to inspire our kids & help them reach their full potential to be the best person they each can be. This mission has never been more tested given how turbulent the past few years have been globally. However, our community and our partners know that we all need to invest in each other to do whatever it takes to provide for the futures of our Club kids. The George & Frances Ball Foundation certainly understands this and has shown that through their investment into the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie.

“The George & Frances Ball Foundation has been a trusted partner for us for years. Their work and insight into our Clubs, and our Community have been uplifting supports that allow our kids to thrive in difficult times. This gift, and all of the work that the George & Frances Ball Foundation does throughout the community helps our kids reach their full potential each and every day”, Jason Newman, Chief Executive Officer. In February of 2021, the George & Frances Ball Foundation was kind enough to grant us a considerable donation of $150,000 overall for operations at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie. Grants like these help us to improve the quality of our Clubs, whether that be in the form of enhanced programming for our kids, better materials for our staff, or any general upkeep that might be needed. “We are pleased to invest in the hard work that the Clubs are doing every day. We need to have all of our community invest in the people who are doing the work for our city”, Tom Kinghorn, President & CEO of George & Frances Ball Foundation. Grants and donations like these don’t just allow us to keep the Clubs running as they have been they give us the chance to improve as much of our Clubs as possible.

Guiding our kids & teens to become caring and responsible citizens can be a challenging journey at times, but it is made easier by donations and grants like these, and we are endlessly grateful whenever we receive them. If you are interested in becoming a Partner or would like more information on how to donate, please contact Amy Gibson at 765-282-4461.