Imagine yourself coming into a building and realizing it’s 56 degrees inside and you serve kids. That’s what Club life was three weeks ago at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie – Madison St. Unit. Both boilers developed leaks and the staff spent most of their days running up and down to the basement every 30 minutes to get the boilers to 67 degrees. Those boilers were replaced, but that wasn’t in the budget for 2022.

Now image yourself a teenager in middle or high school wanting to join a program but can’t because transportation is a barrier. That’s what teens are facing who want to come to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie – Teen Center. The Clubs have two vehicles, but they are at capacity. The Clubs are looking to purchase two additional vehicles (buses/vans), to be able to transport additional teens to the Teen Center.

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie serves kids from all of the city, and county. Getting them to us, so they can participate in some life changing opportunities, can be a challenge. When we can get our kids here, they need to be safe, and warm. $100,000 will allow us to expand our reach to Muncie teens, and provide a safe place for them in these cold, winter months.” Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie CEO, Jason Newman

Transportation to our Madison Street Clubhouse is graciously provided by MITS, but the Clubs provide their own transport from Southside and Northside Middle School, and they are limited to transporting 14 middle school students, the available seating in their bus. Muncie Central High School Students make their own way to the Clubs, and Mr. Newman and his team would like to be able to provide transportation. In addition to the work they do with children in their Club buildings, the Clubs also partner with many other agencies to provide opportunities for Club kids, offsite.

To make a donation online go to or to learn more about how you can provide a safe place for kids, email Amy Gibson at