Hey parents, congrats on making it through the summer and getting the kiddos back to school! Now that school is back in, they still need a good schedule to help ensure a successful school year.

What Do You Expect Your Kids To Do Afterschool?

You’ll have to fight the tendency to let them get busy and not stay focused on what’s important to your family. At minimum, afterschool, kids need to be engaged in 30-60 minutes of homework or reading; and 30-60 minutes of physical activity and need a full nutritious meal. In addition they need to spend quality time with YOU engaged in conversation. This means you’ll have to decide how to make sure they squeeze this in…often instead of video games, hanging with friends and sleeping in.

Post A Schedule On The Refrigerator

The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to establish such a routine for your family. Be willing to set a schedule and post it on the refrigerator…AND STICK TO IT! This may include a specific wake-up time and only allow certain amount of time in front of the TV or computer.

At the Boys & Girls Club we recognize that every family situation and goals are different. Our focus is to partner with your family in helping to ensure your kids are progressing in the areas of academics, character and health. While we can’t substitute your quality family time we can help in these three areas.

How Can We Help Your Family?

I personally invite you to chat with any of our staff to discuss how we can help you reach your family goals. We are committed to ensuring your kids are encouraged to graduate; inspired to lead; and motivated to be healthy.