We are excited to announce that the following AmeriCorps positions are available starting in the fall 2015 semester.

  • Members & Schools Coordinator
  • Indiana Kids & Education Coordinator
  • Kitchen and CACFP Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Teen Programs Coordinator
  • Gym & Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator

To qualify for an AmeriCorps position at the Club you must possess a willingness to work in a high-energy environment, willingness to work with children and youth, willingness to strive for personal development, advancement and improvement.

To learn more about the AmeriCorps program, visit this link from the Corporation for National & Community Service.

For more information about the AmeriCorps positions and to apply, please email Karli Davis at kdavis@bgcmuncie.org or call 765-282-4461 ext. 104. For interested applicants please include a resume and references.

For a complete list of duties please see below.

Members & Schools Coordinator:

  • Greet and sign-in and sign-out all members
  • Learn database and enter information of members
  • Track daily attendance and run reports for Program Director
  • Connect with partner schools and form relationships with their key staff
  • Relay messages, calendar dates and other information to Program Director and Staff
  • Additionally, assist with power hour and tutoring
  • Lead and enhance outreach initiatives
  • Represent the Boys & Girls Club at recruitment fairs and other outreach events

Indiana Kids & Education Coordinator:

  • Assist Education Director in daily rotations and activities
  • Help plan, instruct and assess programs to brief Program Director
  • Additionally, assist with power hour and tutoring
  • Read through and understand the Indiana Kids Program in terms of the purpose to enhance members reading and math skills
  • Retain signed verification forms and enter the into the system
  • Make and organize member folders who enter the program
  • Give pre and post-tests as well as fill out and keep homework logs updated
  • Work with Educational Director to help design and implement activities that will help members increase their reading and math knowledge
  • Collect great stories
  • Hours offered Monday-Friday

Kitchen & CACFP Coordinator:

  • Responsible for coordinating after-school food program for youth
  • Properly coordinate with Kitchen Director the weekly menu and have it posted
  • Help prepare and serve food to members
  • Sweep, mop and sanitize snack room and kitchen area
  • Construct and report appropriate snack order to Program Director for timely ordering
  • Perform duties as assigned by Kitchen Director
  • Hours offered Monday-Friday

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Organize and manage volunteer database – Vologistics
  • Orientate all volunteers
  • Provide tours and information accordingly
  • Manage emails to volunteers and keep them updated of our Club calendar
  • Plan Volunteer Week
  • Represent the Boys & Girls Club at Volunteer Fairs and other recruitment events
  • Hours Monday-Friday

Teens Programs Coordinator:

  • Assist Teen Director with various duties daily
  • Monitor study tables for teens and help with homework
  • Supervise needed areas during teen time
  • Assist Teen Director with program planning and the making of reports
  • Report discipline and other issues to the Teen Director
  • Hours offered Monday-Thursday

Gym & Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator:

  • Assist Gym Director with daily gym duties
  • Help plan programs and implement them
  • Supervise gym and all activities
  • Be able to provide information for the program reports
  • Sweep and mop gym, organize equipment closet
  • Additionally, help with power hour and tutoring
  • Hours offered Monday-Friday